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Enamel Shaping

Enamel Shaping

Are you embarrassed by uneven or misshaped teeth? Do you have a chipped tooth that you’d like to correct? Enamel shaping helps to reshape minor flaws and improves smile value.

What is Enamel Shaping?

As the name suggests, enamel shaping refers to a process where misshapen, chipped, and uneven teeth are reshaped so that they look even and perfect. The process is ideal for:

  • Patients looking to shape their pointed canine teeth
  • Shorten teeth that seem too long
  • Hide uneven or overcrowded teeth

How is Enamel Shaping Done?

During the process, the dentist uses a sandpaper disc to chip away small bits of uneven shaped tooth. To remove uneven tone between teeth, the dentist may use sandpaper strips to smoothen them. He may remove a tiny portion of the enamel- the outer layer of the teeth designed to protect the inner layers.  If it is an issue of overcrowding or fixing a crooked tooth, the dentist may attach braces to allow the teeth to come in line with the rest.

When is Enamel Shaping Not Advisable?

Tooth contouring or enamel shaping is not advised when the enamel is too thin and close to the pulp- an x-ray helps the dentist determine this. It is also not a substitute for dental veneers or bonding.