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Preventive Dental Care

Preventive Dental Care

Prevention is better than cure! This is especially true of oral health because it is much easier to prevent oral problems than to treat them. Preventive Dental Care helps you to protect your teeth, maintain healthy gums, and retain your smile. Some of the key components of maintaining good oral hygiene include:
Following good oral habits: Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Brush slowly yet firmly. Be gentle on the gums while brushing. Replace your toothbrush at least once in two months.


  • Fluoride Treatment in children: Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and reduce acid production in the mouth. Fluoride treatment is especially important for children aged six or younger as it helps to strengthen permanent teeth. Fluoride is commonly present in water, toothpastes, and through fluoride treatment done at the dentist’s clinic. At the dentist’s office, it is applied either as a gel or foam placed on a tray and applied to the teeth.
  • Protective Sealants: A protective sealant applied to a child’s teeth protects it from decay. The process begins by the dentist cleaning and drying the teeth. He then applies a gel to allow the sealant adhere to the teeth. The teeth are then cleaned and dried again and the sealant is painted with a special curing light. These sealants last for around 5 years or even longer.
  • Scaling and Polishing: Scaling and polishing should be done at least once in 6 months to remove plaque, calculus, stains, and give it a new shine.
  • We recommend patients to visit a dentist once every six months to check for signs of decay and other infections.